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Premier Artists Collection brings you 36 pages of masterfully illustrated life lessons by Emme Rigby. Reading to your children is one of the best ways to stimulate brain development and this book will develop strong morals as well.

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From the artist, Emme Rigby:

"One beautiful day in March of 2014, our new baby boy arrived. I was overwhelmed with all kinds of emotions and then it hit me hard. HOLY COW—I'm his mother! He does not know anything in this world and I have a chance to teach him the lessons that will help him be successful in life.

Learning starts at such a young age but how could I communicate "life lessons" to such a little kid? I wrote down all the personality traits, actions and manners I wanted him to value for a life of success. As an artist, I felt that I could create beautiful illustrative scenes that could appeal to him. I chose to use animals from all over the globe to create the illustrations because not only would he learn a life lesson but he would learn some animals too.

My son made me want to be a better person and the best way I knew how was to create something we could share and learn together as mother and child. And now, I share it with you and your children."